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Our responsibility

Climate compensation


In everything we do, we must do what we can to promote ecological resilience *. We believe in taking responsibility for our environment and the future of our planet. We want people today and future generations to be able to live and work in societies free from harmful substances in both soil, air and water. In all contexts where we are involved, we stand up for social responsibility and make our efforts to fight corruption at all levels.


We believe in giving people access to healthy drinks, locally produced in Sweden , made from natural mineral water and enriched with natural ingredients. In a way that is minimally harmful to the environment, we must always deliver fossil-free from source and production in Åre to where the products are to be consumed. Where it is possible to transport by train, fossil-free road transport where it is offered and when we do so, with maximum optimization in relation to weight, volume and distance. All to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

We use
fossil-free energy to operate our production in Åre and all packaging is 100 % recyclable.

In the areas that affect us, our operations and the contexts in which we live, we want to work on the basis of the global sustainability goals set by the UN. Read more about these here .

* Resilience literally means the ability to recover or resist disruption .

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Climate footprint

Everything we do as individuals can be linked to emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. All greenhouse gas emissions are converted into so-called carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) depending on each individual's relative contribution to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide emissions are often referred to as "carbon footprints" and emissions of all greenhouse gases in total are often called "climate footprints".


In order to be able to take responsibility for the climate footprint created during the manufacture of our products, we have commissioned a total climate calculation. In a comprehensive compilation, all processes in the production chain have been mapped and calculated on the basis of its greenhouse emissions. This material forms the basis of our climate compensation. Our climate calculation has been performed by TRICORONA Climat partner

Read our climate report here .

Climate neutral

We are climate neutral.

The fact that something is climate-neutral means that it does not contribute to climate change as a whole.
Climate neutrality can be achieved for businesses, products, events and more. In order to be able to call your business or product climate neutral, you must follow the requirements set in one of the two standards that define climate neutrality: PAS 2060 and ISO 14021. The requirements for climate neutrality in these standards are more far-reaching than a Climate Report and can mainly summarized in the points below.

  • Climate calculation

    • According to the GHG protocol, for example, all operations included emissions.

  • Set goals and reduction strategy

    • For continuous work.

  • Examination

    • By third party.

  • Climate compensation

    • Of at least 100% of the climate impact in certified projects.

  • Publication

    • Public publication of the basis for climate neutrality is a requirement.

Source: TRICORONA Climat partner


Climate compensation means compensating for their own carbon dioxide emissions by financing projects to reduce other emissions or sequester carbon. It is one of the tools available to achieve carbon neutrality in reducing global warming.


We compensate for everything we ourselves can not influence in the chain from raw material to finished product delivered to the consumer, by buying emission rights, in the same amount (in tonnes) as our total production is charged with carbon dioxide emissions. The emission rights we buy are certified climate projects by Gold Standard (climate security and sustainable development).


For more information on Gold Standard visit their website.

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